Ruby Sparks…movie Changed My Life


It has been awhile since I have posted a blog on my blog; so I figured today of all days would be a good way to get back to blogging again. I am a writer; published three books and as of right now, I don’t have an author website just yet. I have professional pictures available and already saved for my future website. I have struggled lately to manage my life and prioritize myself; with working anywhere from 8-10 hours a day…and as of right now, looks like I will be working 12 days in a row. (I am up to day ten in a row without a day off)

I am a writer and currently I can’t write. I have two projects idling on my desktop ready to be added to; worked on, and completed…I feel like watching that movie Ruby Sparks…a writer who’s stuck without words, without sentences, without direction nor idea to pursue further. I have inspiration all over me; surrounding me…what else do I need at this point? I added a new member to my family, with my wife and I…we adopted a dog. He’s a character for sure; makes us feel more like a family-and I love it. I want to prioritize myself better; working out-developing a schedule with that and a schedule for writing…God help me.

For now, I’ll say good night…Walk our little dog Brownie…get ready for bed, cuddle up with a book maybe…and put this night to bed…behind me.

Doing My part To Make our World a Better Place

Today (September. 15th, 2013) I went to Zuma Beach to meet up with family that I haven’t seen in years; cousins, uncles, and great uncles from all over the world…I had a really great time catching up with everyone and spending time with them. On the drive over from Valencia, my family stopped at a CVS to use the restrooms. My mom, my little nephew and I walked into the CVS and across from the entrance, stood a family: a man, woman and a small little boy. The father was holding up a cardboard sign. I didn’t even read the sign, immediately I knew what I could do to help their situation. I asked the man, “Do you want any food? Are you guys hungry?” He looked at his wife and shook his head yes. So I told him to stay there and that I would buy them something to eat and drink.

I went to the bathroom as quickly as possible because I didn’t want them leaving. I talked with my mom and asked her if there was a restaurant around the area if she saw something where we could get this man some food; rather than buy him something not even worth buying in CVS…CVS isn’t a place to go grocery shopping. My mom said she saw a McDonald’s across the street; perfect idea.

I rushed outside, and walked up to the man, “How about we go to McDonald’s and buy you some food sir? Would that be ok?” He shook his head yes; he and his little son walked with me across the parking lot over to the corner McDonald’s. On the way over there, he started talking to me. He was very appreciative, and he kept on thanking me for my help. He informed me that he was coming down from his country Romania to spend time with his brother who lived in Fullerton; his brother worked part-time, and he was going to stay with him.

The man proceeded to tell me that he and his wife don’t have a job, and that they came to America for a better opportunity to live and find jobs here. He had a car, but they had no money for gas or food; so they were stranded. He told me that he has been waiting for a long time to establish his social security number, and he doesn’t have a license…he and his wife have been waiting for what seems like forever to establish their citizenship here in America. Their life was filled with obstacles that he couldn’t overcome.

Listening to this man absolutely broke my heart. I told him that whenever I see a family strugggling to the point where they are homeless and have no money for food or any other necessity that they might need to live, I try and help them out in any way that I can because I feel that I am blessed and should help out those who are less fortunate than myself. He kept on saying thank you, and God bless you; it melted my heart. We got to McDonald’s, and I asked him what he wanted to order; he said, “Oh just give me a small kid’s meal and a dollar cheeseburger that’s it.” I shook my head and said no way to that; “Get whatever you want,” I said. I ordered his son a kid’s meal, three bottled waters, and a large big-mac meal for him. I also gave him ten dollars gas money so that he could make it to his brother’s house in Fullerton.

I said to him, “God bless you and your family, good luck and take care.” He thanked me more times than I can count; he introduced his family to me afterwards, sadly I forgot their names…but he left me with, “I’m going to pray for you sir, thank you.” And I said, “As will I pray for you…God bless.”

What is really sad; what upsets me the most about our country is how everything is handled with people coming into our country trying to make a better life for themselves; not bringing any trouble with them, drugs or anything…they just want to live among all of us in this great country that we live in…they are fighting and waiting for days, weeks, months, YEARS…trying to become citizens and trying to find any type of job that will help support themselves and their families. People like that, families like that; should be able to find citizenship here. Our government, our laws and regulations are beyond piss-poor and it completely frustrates me to no end!

Seeing that family, that little boy…hungry…with no money for food…and no place to stay…destroyed me…my heart shattered into a trillion pieces….I wish I could have done more for them…I always try to help out those in need when I see them in passing or around; I try my best to avoid giving them money because money is the root of all evil…often times people buy alcohol or drugs with it, to support their addictions-to get their fix…I don’t want to be the one supplying them with the necessary tools to get their fix…I just want to help them…So most of the time, I will buy them food and/or drinks…it is very rare for me to give them money…I guess you could say that it depends on the situation…if I had a chance to talk with them, look into their eyes and gain a feel for them, well then that is a completely different scenario. My message I want to send tonight is; be thankful for whatever it is that you have in your life…because no matter how good or bad you might have it, others’ out there are in a much worse predicament. Do what you feel is right, be humble; and do your part in making the world a better place to live…
Thanks for reading….God bless.

The Life of a Millionaire

I went to Venice Beach today (July. 3rd, 2013) with my buddy and his son to walk around and pass the time away; we both figured it would be nice to do something different and see new places. We walked around Venice, and it was packed with people jogging, rollerblading, walking, riding backs and people just enjoying the beach in general. My friend and I walked up to the pier where all of the action was: the rides, the restaurants…everything.

We saw a crowd of people gather around, photographers and sound people everywhere…I thought that may be there might be a celebrity sighting or something, possibly a show or movie being filmed here on the pier. So I wanted to be nosy and peek around to see if we run into anyone in particular…sure enough, we came across the chair of Kristen Bell…I was all star-struck and didn’t believe it at first, so we hung around to confirm if it was really her…and it was!

I was blown away! I was like a kid in a candy store! I am probably the BIGGEST MOVIE BUFF in California to DATE…and I go ape-shit when I come across movie stars! So I was ecstatic; she was sitting down-which looked like she was changing her shoes, when a little girl with down syndrome walked up to her and started talking to her. Kristen was a complete sweetheart the entire time! She talked with the little girl, gave her a hug, and told her that she was pregnant herself and soon to have a child.

I didn’t now what to do or expect, so I thought the only way to not only say that hey we ran into a movie star today, was to get a picture with her as proof to show the wife to be and friends and family! So I foolishly gave my smartphone to my buddy and tried explaining to him really quickly how to take pictures on it…I should have just taken the picture myself…my friend didn’t know how to do it unfortunately.

I walked up to Kristen, and I was like, “Excuse me Miss Bell, is it ok if I get a picture with you really fast?” And to her credit, working or not, even if she was on a brief break or not and here I was disturbing her free time to just relax…she looked up at me and smiled…”Sure that’s fine.” I was ecstatic…here I was ready to go, next to a movie star, arm around her and everything, entrusting my buddy who isn’t knowledgable when it comes to technology, accidentally didn’t properly take our picture. That was literally the only drawback the only event that didn’t go well for us today; besides that everything was amazing! We had an incredible time!

The thing that amazes me, is how she is just like anyone else…she is no different than you are I by any means…yes she is very successful, easily a millionaire and an actress; but she seemed down-to-earth and bottom line a complete sweetheart. Thinking back, I acted like the paparazzi; probably bugging the heck out of her…even her set people were very polite when they apologized to me for saying that they had to steal her away from pictures because she was changing sets and location. I was totally impressed. And I would like to reach out and just commend Miss Bell on being the “Class Act” that every movie star should embody and display.

She was very sweet.

This was the thought that crossed my mind after we left; how a millionaire’s lifestyle must be like…what are their schedules like? How did they reach stardom? What type of person are they like? Are they humble and sweet like Miss Bell? Are they very happy? The amazing part of the entire ordeal is how Kristen Bell is just a human being who became successful in movies and TV shows…bottom line. It may be hard to really comprehend that to some extent, all I knew was I was going ape-shit like a kid in the candy store being next to her. It was a really good day….it had me daydreaming and story-plotting completely.

People Watching

This is a subject matter that I think everyone can relate to…people watching. Like ants coming and going moving things around and building a home on Earth, people scatter around the city-everywhere, coming and going; some just staying for awhile until they find their next destination. I find this very interesting. My fiance and I love going out to eat in different restaurants in the Santa Clarita area; I find myself talking to her about this topic.

Both of us sit back and enjoy our meal together; taking in the people around us moving all over. It’s funny because sometimes I think about what their lives must be like…a man in a business suit…does he own his own business? Is he wealthy and a workaholic? The woman going to the gym…is she a stay at home mom, having the early evenings to herself to go to the gym to get in shape?

What about the family walking to the restaurant…where do they live? What does the husband and wife do for work? I see that they are driving in a BMW; are they all about status? Is that car theirs? Are they leasing it? It’s so funny how the human brain works, how we think and how we react towards others around us that come into contact with us throughout the day.

Everytime I take a drive or sit at a restaurant with friends, family, or the future wife…my mind is constantly thinking….new ideas…the next big thing…the next story…what is it people like hearing about? What is it people like reading about? What types of books sell the most and why? I know that a good love story won’t have any problems selling; what can be done differently to make the story remarkable and hard to put down?

Hmmmmm….the next great idea might be thought of today….possibly tonight…or right now…

Ten Year High School Reunion Thought…

I have thought about my ten year high school reunion towards the end of my senior year; I always envisioned myself very successful and established at that point in time. I thought about returning back to my high school with all of my friends; meeting their wives and husbands and children; sharing my stories about my life with them and asking them about their experiences over the years.

The thing about all of that, is it lacks truth and reality…after high school, life happened to all of us…all of my so-called “friends” started their lives outside of high school. The one thing that no one bothers talking about, is how everyone moves on and leaves you behind. Everyone I was so close to and involved with, they moved on. I tried staying in contact with a few of them during the time I went to junior college, but I was unsuccessful. I realized then, that my “real friends” are those that I have made or will make that stick around and have a vested interest in the direction of my life…and who honestly care about me as a man.

It’s hard to come to that realization; that’s growing, that’s life, and that’s maturity. I often see the movie “American Pie” on TV…they came up with an American Reunion movie where all of the friends in high school go to their reunion and reunite like they never have been away from one another at all. That seems great and all, but that’s not believable by any means…we all spread out and move on with our lives…actually, it’s when we really BEGIN our lives as adults. Life is like that though; I have thought about the idea of what it would be like to still be friends with those people in high school, it sounds nice…but that’s all it is though, an idea-a thought.

Either way, I strongly believe that the friends that I do have in my life right now, are my true friends. I talk to a number of people every week a few times a week, those people generally care about how I am; and I consider myself lucky. If I have four people in my life that I talk to all the time, whether or not we hang out or just talk on the phone, I would say that I am lucky. People come and go, and that is not a catch phrase; that’s reality. I just find it difficult at times to realize that, witness it; and cope with.

So the question is, am I going to my high school reunion for the ten year anniversary? No…I don’t feel like it is necessary at this time in my life to go back. Everyone I was friends with back then, have moved on with their lives without my friendship. So I don’t feel the need to go back and be disappointed once again; I am working on my life everyday, and I have found my best friend in the entire world-I am getting married to her.

My legacy won’t be how many books I publish/write; my legacy won’t be the amount of friends that I have, and my legacy won’t be how much money I am worth; my legacy will be my life with my family…my kids…that’s all that will matter to me. My friends with me will enjoy the journey…

Collector’s Obsession

This is a topic that we can discuss literally all night long: what we like to collect. It’s funny because my fiance has about a million different purses in her collection, I know that sounds like I am exaggerating a bit, okay maybe her total number is close to if not more than 50 plus purses. That’s a lot of purses to have; but who am I to judge, it’s what she is into so if it makes her happy it makes me happy. Me on the other hand, like any other guy would attest in my defense; is I collect watches. I love watches as a style, I am fairly new to collecting them, I have a case where I store them in of course, and my collection is listed at the number of 8 total watches so far.

I am also into collecting quarters because it was something that My dad passed down to me from his father (my grandpa.) Being that I also pride myself on being a movie critic on my Facebook page, I see a lot of movies! I have more than 500 DVD’s in my movie collection that dates back to when I was fifteen years old when I worked my first job saving up to purchase my favorite movies as a way of entertainment for myself. I have always wondered about the career aspect of a “movie critic”, from the research that I came across, they don’t make a lot of money. This to me was a little discouraging because I believe that they make roughly around $50,000 dollars a year. In today’s economy, if you don’t have another income by either your roommate or girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, or husband, than you are literally broke!

Something I thought of, of course. Aside from watches and movies, I have a small wallet collection and sun glasses as well. And the obvious of course; for women, they have their erray of different perfumes, for us guys-we have our selection of different colognes…and I am no different, I have a substantial cologne collection myself.

Blog Entry back in 2013

A friend of mine on Facebook suggested to me that I should start a blog talking about movies and expressing my personal thoughts and feelings about each movie that I watch because my fiance and I watch a lot of movies; that is where this started! So I would like to thank Tracy for pushing me to start a blog; let’s see where this takes me.

Besides movie posts, I will talk about things that are generally on my mind and share my thoughts and feelings in each post. I am a published author of a book titled, “Relationship Suicide,” based online, in a print-on-demand format. This book was a blueprint of my life in the world of dating; recovering from a failed engagement, and all of the learning experiences along the way that I learned about myself in the process of overcoming heartbreak.

I am currently writing a children’s story; and I have two manuscripts in my back pocket ready to be published; I am just waiting on the funds to market and distribute them. (a novella and my first children’s story) I really hope that I can use this blog as a way to network myself more, and to possibly develop a fan base…for lack of a better term there. We shall see where this takes me, where it takes us. So I invite you to step inside my mind and to be apart of my life as well, and as always-thanks for stopping by.

The Saturday That Stirred Up Everything

Eventful Saturday:

I sat in line in Lancaster off of the Blvd. for a total of three hours including the time I sat in on what was going on and hoping that I would be picked to be cast as one of the 1,400 open extras/roles on the upcoming movie Fast and Furious 7!…Hoping to break way to an entirely new opportunity in my life…the acting portion partaking in a movie role!
Besides all of the hype following this of course, I met up with a good friend of mine Ivan Poma who worked miracles for me in creating this my first ever “Author Website” to promote my work. We worked tediously on this for over three more hours; and I’m almost where I want to be with this site. The future of this and the opportunities that it will lead to are potentially endless…I’m up for the challenge.
On another note, I saw the movie, “Fault in Our Stars,” written by John Green…and I must say I walked out amazed, inspired, forever-changed…and never cried more than that in anything in my entire life! This man is a genius absolute genius! To lean back and pull those kind of emotions out of your audience and to affect them in such a way as great as this movie did; we all men and women alike walked away from this film in tears and totally in love with these two star-crossed lovers.
John Green inspires me to dig deeper than I have ever gone within myself to create more than just a story; to create a masterpiece. To create something so great, so powerful that people step outside of themselves and their troubles within their own lives to experience something that makes them see things in their life differently…basically see life in general in a different light. Food for thought: my next book, this MC of mine, I want my audience to fall in love with him, cheer for him, cry for him, feel empathy for him, and ultimately see how one person taking on the WORLD’S problems-does to a man…one person CAN make a difference…it starts with the confidence in oneself to do so…and it takes courage, sacrifice, and perseverance. I hope it touches other people’s lives like this movie did to mine and my wife. My night was set on fire because of all the great emotions I experienced today/tonight on this monumental Saturday.

-Thanks for stopping in and checking me out