My Theory: Dog’s Develop Owners Behavior

It goes without saying that my Chihuahua Brownie has a personality unlike any other dog I have either had in my life, or come across. I strongly believe that he has taken a behavior like Tara and myself and joined them to his personality-in turn making him “Dog of the Century” every single day. He sneezes and has allergies like Tara and I do; how ironic is that?!

He prances around and gets excited when it comes to getting out of the apartment and walking around our neighborhood; he loves the chance to see the world and come into contact, up-close and personal with other dogs.

We continuously receive compliments on his behalf; because he is an unusually attractive “Cute” Chihuahua. I think it’s the funniest thing.

He loves to play with his toys; he barks at me when I’m on the computer too long or when I’m playing on my phone and not paying attention to him instead.

He loves sleeping in our bed; he feels it’s a privilege that he shall receive every night rather than sleep in our kitchen.

He’s not a barker, aka “Yapper” like you would say for most Chihuahua’s…and he’s mixed with another breed of dog we don’t know exactly because he is adopted lol.

He gives you this look, like he’s staring deep into your eyes and when he wants attention. He doesn’t believe in personal space; no “security bubble” surrounds you when he is around. He will invade your personal space and demand attention no matter what you are doing at that particular moment.

He sleeps a lot; takes naps to recharge his battery.

He loves people food, and he has his “begging face” down to a T.

Simply put, I believe that our dog Brownie has a personality like us; loveable, playful, needing attention all the time, wanting to exercise, and definitely likes getting out of the house to see the world.

My Response to a Friend’s Blog Post Regarding Suicide

My friend Karina Noxon started a blog on tumblr and she goes by I would suggest you check her out because her pages are really well done and interesting. She also aspires to write short stories in her near future so I wish her the best of luck with that as well. She is a very sweet person. She posted a blog about a blurred letter talking about suicide and why it was a sin because it was “literally” the only decision we could make/control in our own lives. And it was a sin because God “couldn’t stop us” from doing it if we really wanted to. I wanted to leave a comment on her page but fell upon some difficulty doing so, so I commented on her Facebook page and then decided to post a blog about it myself with what my response was towards her post.

Well I don’t have all of the answers, of course I am NOT God…He knows everything…but I would say that killing yourself would be one of if not the worst decision anyone could make in their lives…there is no coming back from it…no second chances-no do-overs nothing. I believe that God has given us the opportunity to make decisions every single day of our lives knowing that what we might be doing is wrong at times and other times it’s not. Life is such a gift and so beautiful in so many ways; it’s like the old saying that “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” Well like your life, things might be difficult because there are struggles in our lives we appreciate the blessings and good things in our lives. If everything was “perfect” we have two parents equally involved and present in our lives, we were all physically stunning, we were all wealthy, we were all “perfect”, then the world would be a miserable place to live in.

Because without struggles, we don’t live-we don’t grow…we don’t learn. If you are over weight and don’t feel like you are physically beautiful because what “society portrays as beauty”, someone else might disagree with that…and to them, you are beautiful. Beauty is in the eyes of he beholder…I am tall and bald…I have a million tattoos, I like my smile and my eyes…but for the most part, I don’t like the way my face looks…it is round and I feel like people judge me or label me as a “fat guy” because I have a round face and they don’t need to see anything else on my body to prove otherwise. I am a happily married man, and to my wife; I AM GOOD ENOUGH. I AM attractive enough for her…she loves me for who I am as a man, what I look like and what’s inside of me. I don’t need all women to find me attractive: love me, adore me, or particularly want to be involved in my life…and I’m okay with that. I don’t need the admiration, love, or support from every woman in this world…I just need my families, friend’s, and loved one’s support and love and that’s it! I think the most difficult thing we as human beings do to ourselves is we judge each other so harshly on appearances and nothing else. We are our own worst critics…that’s just the way it goes.

I know I went off on a tangent for awhile there, but it’s what will help clarify my point to this long ass post that could be classified as a blog post…lmao ; p Life is the adventure…we become who we were meant to become largely in part because of our struggles in life…we sin everyday that is a given, we are human…but killing yourself is not the answer…for anyone who reads this…I say hang on and don’t lose faith in God…it will get better.

Of course on her Facebook page, I left a shorter comment; when I decided to make this a blog-I added a few things to appropriately validate my points of views and morals.