Today’s Society

In the wake of coming home from a nice ocean fishing trip with my younger brother Todd and my dad, I spoke with my wife a little before getting in the shower. We spoke about how today’s society puts so much emphasis on the way people look, how they should look, what they should do when they diet, how successful people become successful, and the importance of working out every single day to keep up with your physique. I agreed that it has gotten to the point where it has become overbearing towards our culture because people feel the need to maintain such high standards in their lives in order to be happy.
This astounds me in a sense that behind chasing an image of someone else other than our own, we are striving for acceptance amongst our peers, family and friends. I went to the beach the other day with my wife and my in-laws, and on the beach we saw all different types of people; some were short, some were tall, some were skinny, some were a little on the heavier side, so on so forth. Directly across from where we settled in and stayed for the day, there was a couple with their small son. The man was skinny and fairly short, and the woman was a little on the huskier side and fairly tall (must have been taller than him, so it appeared so.) She was wearing a green two-piece bikini. She wasn’t skinny; and in society’s eyes she would be labeled as obese. But here she was, content with herself, body and all to walk around after just having a kid in a two-piece-for the entire world to see her.
She was busty, looked like if she moved too fast in one direction-her boobs would come popping out! But in my eyes, I thought she was a very pretty woman. What’s up with this scenario?
An “obese” woman, who just had a kid, wearing a two-piece bathing suit at the beach?! In my eyes, nothing! Society has put such an emphasis, set the bar so high that the average man or woman feels “overwhelmed” when trying to keep up with his or her physical appearance.
Why can’t we as a whole in society, stop paying attention to the “noise” that is an image that to be healthy, we have to be model-like skinny: fit, diet all the time, work out six days a week, and have a six pack?! Why can’t we as individuals, just love ourselves for who we are and how God created us to be? I will never understand why people are so obsessed with dieting and working out everyday. I am not the strongest man in the world; I don’t have the best body there is, and when people walk past me, they aren’t staring and admiring the way that I’m put together…guess what? I’m okay with that. I think, what’s more important than all of that, is finding love for yourself…find who you are and be that person, find the other half of you and complete each other. Once you find your soul mate, and after you fell in love, that’s when he or she will see you for who you really are…what’s underneath…deeper than your flesh, under the skin…what’s inside your heart.
I’ve already outlined a story regarding this controversial topic in today’s society-and I hope to publish my story shortly within the next year or so. Until then, I’ll keep you posted.
As always, thanks for your time and reading this post.

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