My Theory: Dog’s Develop Owners Behavior

It goes without saying that my Chihuahua Brownie has a personality unlike any other dog I have either had in my life, or come across. I strongly believe that he has taken a behavior like Tara and myself and joined them to his personality-in turn making him “Dog of the Century” every single day. He sneezes and has allergies like Tara and I do; how ironic is that?!

He prances around and gets excited when it comes to getting out of the apartment and walking around our neighborhood; he loves the chance to see the world and come into contact, up-close and personal with other dogs.

We continuously receive compliments on his behalf; because he is an unusually attractive “Cute” Chihuahua. I think it’s the funniest thing.

He loves to play with his toys; he barks at me when I’m on the computer too long or when I’m playing on my phone and not paying attention to him instead.

He loves sleeping in our bed; he feels it’s a privilege that he shall receive every night rather than sleep in our kitchen.

He’s not a barker, aka “Yapper” like you would say for most Chihuahua’s…and he’s mixed with another breed of dog we don’t know exactly because he is adopted lol.

He gives you this look, like he’s staring deep into your eyes and when he wants attention. He doesn’t believe in personal space; no “security bubble” surrounds you when he is around. He will invade your personal space and demand attention no matter what you are doing at that particular moment.

He sleeps a lot; takes naps to recharge his battery.

He loves people food, and he has his “begging face” down to a T.

Simply put, I believe that our dog Brownie has a personality like us; loveable, playful, needing attention all the time, wanting to exercise, and definitely likes getting out of the house to see the world.

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