Collector’s Obsession

This is a topic that we can discuss literally all night long: what we like to collect. It’s funny because my fiance has about a million different purses in her collection, I know that sounds like I am exaggerating a bit, okay maybe her total number is close to if not more than 50 plus purses. That’s a lot of purses to have; but who am I to judge, it’s what she is into so if it makes her happy it makes me happy. Me on the other hand, like any other guy would attest in my defense; is I collect watches. I love watches as a style, I am fairly new to collecting them, I have a case where I store them in of course, and my collection is listed at the number of 8 total watches so far.

I am also into collecting quarters because it was something that My dad passed down to me from his father (my grandpa.) Being that I also pride myself on being a movie critic on my Facebook page, I see a lot of movies! I have more than 500 DVD’s in my movie collection that dates back to when I was fifteen years old when I worked my first job saving up to purchase my favorite movies as a way of entertainment for myself. I have always wondered about the career aspect of a “movie critic”, from the research that I came across, they don’t make a lot of money. This to me was a little discouraging because I believe that they make roughly around $50,000 dollars a year. In today’s economy, if you don’t have another income by either your roommate or girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, or husband, than you are literally broke!

Something I thought of, of course. Aside from watches and movies, I have a small wallet collection and sun glasses as well. And the obvious of course; for women, they have their erray of different perfumes, for us guys-we have our selection of different colognes…and I am no different, I have a substantial cologne collection myself.

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