Ten Year High School Reunion Thought…

I have thought about my ten year high school reunion towards the end of my senior year; I always envisioned myself very successful and established at that point in time. I thought about returning back to my high school with all of my friends; meeting their wives and husbands and children; sharing my stories about my life with them and asking them about their experiences over the years.

The thing about all of that, is it lacks truth and reality…after high school, life happened to all of us…all of my so-called “friends” started their lives outside of high school. The one thing that no one bothers talking about, is how everyone moves on and leaves you behind. Everyone I was so close to and involved with, they moved on. I tried staying in contact with a few of them during the time I went to junior college, but I was unsuccessful. I realized then, that my “real friends” are those that I have made or will make that stick around and have a vested interest in the direction of my life…and who honestly care about me as a man.

It’s hard to come to that realization; that’s growing, that’s life, and that’s maturity. I often see the movie “American Pie” on TV…they came up with an American Reunion movie where all of the friends in high school go to their reunion and reunite like they never have been away from one another at all. That seems great and all, but that’s not believable by any means…we all spread out and move on with our lives…actually, it’s when we really BEGIN our lives as adults. Life is like that though; I have thought about the idea of what it would be like to still be friends with those people in high school, it sounds nice…but that’s all it is though, an idea-a thought.

Either way, I strongly believe that the friends that I do have in my life right now, are my true friends. I talk to a number of people every week a few times a week, those people generally care about how I am; and I consider myself lucky. If I have four people in my life that I talk to all the time, whether or not we hang out or just talk on the phone, I would say that I am lucky. People come and go, and that is not a catch phrase; that’s reality. I just find it difficult at times to realize that, witness it; and cope with.

So the question is, am I going to my high school reunion for the ten year anniversary? No…I don’t feel like it is necessary at this time in my life to go back. Everyone I was friends with back then, have moved on with their lives without my friendship. So I don’t feel the need to go back and be disappointed once again; I am working on my life everyday, and I have found my best friend in the entire world-I am getting married to her.

My legacy won’t be how many books I publish/write; my legacy won’t be the amount of friends that I have, and my legacy won’t be how much money I am worth; my legacy will be my life with my family…my kids…that’s all that will matter to me. My friends with me will enjoy the journey…

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