People Watching

This is a subject matter that I think everyone can relate to…people watching. Like ants coming and going moving things around and building a home on Earth, people scatter around the city-everywhere, coming and going; some just staying for awhile until they find their next destination. I find this very interesting. My fiance and I love going out to eat in different restaurants in the Santa Clarita area; I find myself talking to her about this topic.

Both of us sit back and enjoy our meal together; taking in the people around us moving all over. It’s funny because sometimes I think about what their lives must be like…a man in a business suit…does he own his own business? Is he wealthy and a workaholic? The woman going to the gym…is she a stay at home mom, having the early evenings to herself to go to the gym to get in shape?

What about the family walking to the restaurant…where do they live? What does the husband and wife do for work? I see that they are driving in a BMW; are they all about status? Is that car theirs? Are they leasing it? It’s so funny how the human brain works, how we think and how we react towards others around us that come into contact with us throughout the day.

Everytime I take a drive or sit at a restaurant with friends, family, or the future wife…my mind is constantly thinking….new ideas…the next big thing…the next story…what is it people like hearing about? What is it people like reading about? What types of books sell the most and why? I know that a good love story won’t have any problems selling; what can be done differently to make the story remarkable and hard to put down?

Hmmmmm….the next great idea might be thought of today….possibly tonight…or right now…

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