The Life of a Millionaire

I went to Venice Beach today (July. 3rd, 2013) with my buddy and his son to walk around and pass the time away; we both figured it would be nice to do something different and see new places. We walked around Venice, and it was packed with people jogging, rollerblading, walking, riding backs and people just enjoying the beach in general. My friend and I walked up to the pier where all of the action was: the rides, the restaurants…everything.

We saw a crowd of people gather around, photographers and sound people everywhere…I thought that may be there might be a celebrity sighting or something, possibly a show or movie being filmed here on the pier. So I wanted to be nosy and peek around to see if we run into anyone in particular…sure enough, we came across the chair of Kristen Bell…I was all star-struck and didn’t believe it at first, so we hung around to confirm if it was really her…and it was!

I was blown away! I was like a kid in a candy store! I am probably the BIGGEST MOVIE BUFF in California to DATE…and I go ape-shit when I come across movie stars! So I was ecstatic; she was sitting down-which looked like she was changing her shoes, when a little girl with down syndrome walked up to her and started talking to her. Kristen was a complete sweetheart the entire time! She talked with the little girl, gave her a hug, and told her that she was pregnant herself and soon to have a child.

I didn’t now what to do or expect, so I thought the only way to not only say that hey we ran into a movie star today, was to get a picture with her as proof to show the wife to be and friends and family! So I foolishly gave my smartphone to my buddy and tried explaining to him really quickly how to take pictures on it…I should have just taken the picture myself…my friend didn’t know how to do it unfortunately.

I walked up to Kristen, and I was like, “Excuse me Miss Bell, is it ok if I get a picture with you really fast?” And to her credit, working or not, even if she was on a brief break or not and here I was disturbing her free time to just relax…she looked up at me and smiled…”Sure that’s fine.” I was ecstatic…here I was ready to go, next to a movie star, arm around her and everything, entrusting my buddy who isn’t knowledgable when it comes to technology, accidentally didn’t properly take our picture. That was literally the only drawback the only event that didn’t go well for us today; besides that everything was amazing! We had an incredible time!

The thing that amazes me, is how she is just like anyone else…she is no different than you are I by any means…yes she is very successful, easily a millionaire and an actress; but she seemed down-to-earth and bottom line a complete sweetheart. Thinking back, I acted like the paparazzi; probably bugging the heck out of her…even her set people were very polite when they apologized to me for saying that they had to steal her away from pictures because she was changing sets and location. I was totally impressed. And I would like to reach out and just commend Miss Bell on being the “Class Act” that every movie star should embody and display.

She was very sweet.

This was the thought that crossed my mind after we left; how a millionaire’s lifestyle must be like…what are their schedules like? How did they reach stardom? What type of person are they like? Are they humble and sweet like Miss Bell? Are they very happy? The amazing part of the entire ordeal is how Kristen Bell is just a human being who became successful in movies and TV shows…bottom line. It may be hard to really comprehend that to some extent, all I knew was I was going ape-shit like a kid in the candy store being next to her. It was a really good day….it had me daydreaming and story-plotting completely.

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