Doing My part To Make our World a Better Place

Today (September. 15th, 2013) I went to Zuma Beach to meet up with family that I haven’t seen in years; cousins, uncles, and great uncles from all over the world…I had a really great time catching up with everyone and spending time with them. On the drive over from Valencia, my family stopped at a CVS to use the restrooms. My mom, my little nephew and I walked into the CVS and across from the entrance, stood a family: a man, woman and a small little boy. The father was holding up a cardboard sign. I didn’t even read the sign, immediately I knew what I could do to help their situation. I asked the man, “Do you want any food? Are you guys hungry?” He looked at his wife and shook his head yes. So I told him to stay there and that I would buy them something to eat and drink.

I went to the bathroom as quickly as possible because I didn’t want them leaving. I talked with my mom and asked her if there was a restaurant around the area if she saw something where we could get this man some food; rather than buy him something not even worth buying in CVS…CVS isn’t a place to go grocery shopping. My mom said she saw a McDonald’s across the street; perfect idea.

I rushed outside, and walked up to the man, “How about we go to McDonald’s and buy you some food sir? Would that be ok?” He shook his head yes; he and his little son walked with me across the parking lot over to the corner McDonald’s. On the way over there, he started talking to me. He was very appreciative, and he kept on thanking me for my help. He informed me that he was coming down from his country Romania to spend time with his brother who lived in Fullerton; his brother worked part-time, and he was going to stay with him.

The man proceeded to tell me that he and his wife don’t have a job, and that they came to America for a better opportunity to live and find jobs here. He had a car, but they had no money for gas or food; so they were stranded. He told me that he has been waiting for a long time to establish his social security number, and he doesn’t have a license…he and his wife have been waiting for what seems like forever to establish their citizenship here in America. Their life was filled with obstacles that he couldn’t overcome.

Listening to this man absolutely broke my heart. I told him that whenever I see a family strugggling to the point where they are homeless and have no money for food or any other necessity that they might need to live, I try and help them out in any way that I can because I feel that I am blessed and should help out those who are less fortunate than myself. He kept on saying thank you, and God bless you; it melted my heart. We got to McDonald’s, and I asked him what he wanted to order; he said, “Oh just give me a small kid’s meal and a dollar cheeseburger that’s it.” I shook my head and said no way to that; “Get whatever you want,” I said. I ordered his son a kid’s meal, three bottled waters, and a large big-mac meal for him. I also gave him ten dollars gas money so that he could make it to his brother’s house in Fullerton.

I said to him, “God bless you and your family, good luck and take care.” He thanked me more times than I can count; he introduced his family to me afterwards, sadly I forgot their names…but he left me with, “I’m going to pray for you sir, thank you.” And I said, “As will I pray for you…God bless.”

What is really sad; what upsets me the most about our country is how everything is handled with people coming into our country trying to make a better life for themselves; not bringing any trouble with them, drugs or anything…they just want to live among all of us in this great country that we live in…they are fighting and waiting for days, weeks, months, YEARS…trying to become citizens and trying to find any type of job that will help support themselves and their families. People like that, families like that; should be able to find citizenship here. Our government, our laws and regulations are beyond piss-poor and it completely frustrates me to no end!

Seeing that family, that little boy…hungry…with no money for food…and no place to stay…destroyed me…my heart shattered into a trillion pieces….I wish I could have done more for them…I always try to help out those in need when I see them in passing or around; I try my best to avoid giving them money because money is the root of all evil…often times people buy alcohol or drugs with it, to support their addictions-to get their fix…I don’t want to be the one supplying them with the necessary tools to get their fix…I just want to help them…So most of the time, I will buy them food and/or drinks…it is very rare for me to give them money…I guess you could say that it depends on the situation…if I had a chance to talk with them, look into their eyes and gain a feel for them, well then that is a completely different scenario. My message I want to send tonight is; be thankful for whatever it is that you have in your life…because no matter how good or bad you might have it, others’ out there are in a much worse predicament. Do what you feel is right, be humble; and do your part in making the world a better place to live…
Thanks for reading….God bless.

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