Get to Know Trevor


1. Trevor collects quarters.

2. His Chihuahua Brownie believes that he is part dog part human; Trevor agrees.

3. Trevor likes talking with a British or Australian accent even if his wife Tara believes he only sounds British with all of his different accents.

4. Trevor has a watch collection totaling 15 watches so far.

5. He snores throughout most nights and takes Snorestop pills to help contain it.

6. He has tattoos all over his arms (almost sleeved).

7. He acted in High School; was apart of his school’s drama team and he was also involved in choir because he wanted to attend the field trip at Six Flags Magic Mountain that his school’s choir team attended every year.

8. He is Canadian and Colombian.

9. He speaks Spanish but not fluently.

10. He has three brothers and no sisters.

11. Trevor has been writing since he was very little; his youngest brother Todd used to make fun of him for being a guy who writes in a journal because he thought that only “girls” would write in journals or diaries.

12. Spiders disgust him.

13. Trevor loves football; and he’s a die hard 49ers fan.

14. Trevor’s day job is in the stockroom at Woodward HRT as an expeditor; which is a part’s-handler and distributor.

15. Growing up, Trevor has always wanted to act.

16. He secretly wishes that he could fly.

17. Trevor’s all-time favorite super hero is and will always be Batman.

18. He used to have a fear of talking to and approaching women; but as he got older and met his wife, he decided that it was best to be himself whether anyone liked him or not.

19. He has a poetry collection that someday he also hopes to publish.

20. Trevor is a “self-proclaimed movie critic” because of his love for movies and his frequent visits to the movie theatres around CA. He strongly believes people care about his movie critiques on Facebook.

21. Trevor finds his motivation and inspiration for most of his stories from life experiences.

22. He finds motivation in criticism and doubt; and he doesn’t shy away from his vision regardless what other people say about him and what he’s doing.

23. He loves and is fascinated by great white sharks.

24. He loves the ocean but hates the salt water and doesn’t like swimming in the ocean.

25. He’d much rather live in the city with the tall buildings and lights than the mountains or deserts; even if he enjoys camping.

26. Embarrassing enough as it was for him, Trevor had to color his hair throughout high school because his hair started turning grey. After graduation, and his first year in junior college; he gave into his younger brother Todd’s suggestions in shaving his head bald. And he has been bald ever since.

27. He absolutely loves “chick-flicks” and often times cries during these such “sappy” movies.

28. Like any great writer/philosopher, he wants to leave a legacy behind when his time is up; he wants to leave this world a better place.

29. The power of books and the power of story-telling is touching people’s lives that you may never come into contact with; this is very imperative to him.

30. Trevor and his wife Tara have a son named Aiden Callanan Murray and he was born on July 20th, 2015.

31. God is the true reason why there is so much beauty in this world; give thanks for that if nothing else because God is great!

32. Trevor finds any way that he can to dress up. He loves dressing up for events.

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